a merry little Christmas

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year.  i love everything about it.  the decorations, the tree (real trees), family getting together, and of course, SNOW!  i adore snow.  despite my love for this holiday, this year i actually had to try to get into the Christmas spirit, which is completely backwards for me.  i am usually someone who could listen to Christmas songs 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  i tried, really tried, to get into a holiday mood, but failed miserably. 

until Christmas morning that is.  i woke up excited that Christmas had finally arrived and couldn’t wait to get the day started.  we had coffee as we opened gifts then had our annual Christmas breakfast.  then, off to have a merry little Christmas with my family at mom and pop’s house 🙂 

i’ve been working on a quilt to give my mom and dad for Christmas for a few weeks, and finished at 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve.   i was so nervous i wouldn’t finish it on time, but i did it.  yeah!!!!  i added their combined initials into the center block, and love how it turned out.

after the late nights after work and weekends working to try to make my Christmas deadline, i was pretty excited to give it to them finally.  i think they liked it!!!

on top of the quilt for my parents, i also made a quilt for my aunt that is still waiting for me to add the binding.  i think i took on more than i could chew with all the sewing i’ve been trying to get done, on top of my crazy job and taking care of the house.  hmmmm…maybe thats why i haven’t exactly been in the Christmas spirit this year.  i didn’t take much time to stop and smell the roses (or in this case, the Christmas trees, lol!). 

 i have a few other projects that i want to do, but i think i’ll take a short break from sewing before i begin anything new.  right now, i’m going to try and enjoy my favorite season of all 🙂


well, so much for the two quilts i had planned.  i never started on one, and the other was set aside to start this one.  my father-in-law had a heart attack last month, so i decided to make a quilt for him to cuddle up and recover with.  he lives all the way in florida, so this will be like a long distance get well hug. 😉  

i’m pretty excited about how fast i finished it.  i finished the top one weekend, the back the next, and the quilting and binding was finished after work and part of today.  i am quite pleased to have been able to finally do the binding all by myself.  i usually hand that off to mom, but i found a great tutorial online and it finally made sense to me.  i never quite understood the old blind stitch.  (although, i have to admit that my blind stitch has pretty good vision…oh well!)

initial quilti put his initial on the back…i think i actually like the back better than the front.  we sent the quilt to him this afternoon…i hope he likes it!

long time no see

i have been so uninspired lately to write about anything.  i thought i would try anyway. 

i finally went to boston, and it was amazing!  i loved, loved, loved that town!  loved the state!  i loved the history, the people the beauty of it all.  i will definately return, but will bring frank next time.  this is my first glimpse of the city.  i loved seeing the old buildings with the new.  🙂 

i started a new project today, but i cannot say who it is for.  but i will say it is a Christmas present for two awesome people.  here is a little glimpse.  the smaller blocks will be the same size as the bigger blocks.  i can’t wait to get it all pieced together.  i need to make twenty four blocks all together.  i have most of the fabric cut out, its now a matter of figuring out how i want it all layed out.  i hit a wall by the time i finished these, but i’m hoping to get three or four blocks done each night.  we’ll see.  what is it that they say about the best laid plans?

it is pretty late, and i should probably get to bed, but frank is out of town and i cannot stand to be home alone overnight.  i am putting off going to bed until i cannot keep my eyes open anymore.  that should be soon, and hopefully i’ll sleep through the night.  i’m praying frank gets home soon.  i miss him like crazy 😦

i love the mailman!

what could be better after a long hot day, than to come home to find one of your favorite magazines in your mailbox!?  well, i guess there are a few things that could be better… but this brought a big smile to my face today 🙂  

don’t you just love the cover?  i wish that they included one of those yummy looking donuts with the issue.  don’t they look good!?  plus, it has fall decorating ideas!  fall!  i love when magazines and stores start to get ready for fall.  it means it will be here soon, and will bring sweet relief from the summer heat.

wishing for fall

 there are only 47 days until fall, and i cannot wait!  i love everyting about it.  the smell in the air, the changing leaves, walking through leaves that are crunching underfoot, wearing sweaters and fleece, and cuddling under a blanket with a hot cup of coffee.  i wait all summer for fall, and the countdown is on!

in 54 days, my sister and i leave for boston to visit my niece.  today, i received a bunch of tourism brochures in the mail to peruse.  it’ll be a short trip, but we are going to make the most of it.  i’ve always wanted to visit new england, so i’m really looking forward to this trip.  plus, it’ll be fall!  what could be better than that!?  new england in the fall…it just sounds so perfect. 🙂

my new obsession

i don’t know what has come over me.  i am now obsessed with fabric!  i cannot get enough of the stuff.  seriously, there should be ‘aa’ like meetings for people with fabric addictions.    i discovered on my cousin erin’s blog, the fabulous quilts she makes.  i fell in love!  i was really hankering for one.  badly!  i finally decided to try to make one myself.  i could sew, so why not!? my first quilt was a christmas quilt that i think turned out pretty well for my first try.  i don’t understand the whole binding thing, so i handed it off to my mom for that part.  i should add that i started this quilt last november, and didn’t finish until well into january.  well, the best laid plans i guess.  its all ready for next christmas!

this is the finished top piece.  i seriously would have been proud of myself with finishing this much, so i am super duper happy with a quilt that is completely done!  woo hoo!!!!  i did it!  there’s no stopping me now.  soon after i finished this one, i decided to make my awesome twin nieces birthday quilts.  their birthday is in march.  the beginning of march.  was i insane!?  it took me 3 months to make one quilt.  what made me think i could make 2 quilts before their birthday!?  who knows! 

the finished products.  done!  …one month late!  i ended up giving the twins their presents on easter instead of their birthday, but i think they were happy with them.  i even whipped up a couple matching pillows the night before because i am such a glutton for punishment. 🙂

i am in the process of making a quilt with moda’s authentic fabric.  i am so psyched about this one.  i love this fabric, and cannot wait to be able to cuddle under my new quilt.  can i say how much i love precut fabric.  these fabric jelly and dessert rolls will save me hours of cutting.  love, love, love them!!!  wish me luck!

where to begin….

i don’t know where to begin, but this is where it all started for us. my frank and i.  we met in january 1995 in o’hare airport while waiting for the same flight to cancun mexico.  i knew immediately that we would get along.  even before we spoke.  on the night we met, we went out to dinner with the group of people we were with.  when we were walking to the restaurant, i saw him unwrap a piece of candy and then throw the wrapper on the ground.  i was annoyed to say the least.  i do not like a litterbug.  i said “hey, pick that up and pick up three more pieces of litter while you’re at it”. and he did!  shortly after that, we came upon these guys playing the xylophone and they invited us to join in.  i loved how fun-loving he was. playing the xylophone with some girl who just scolded him for littering. i just love him!