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i love the mailman!

what could be better after a long hot day, than to come home to find one of your favorite magazines in your mailbox!?¬† well, i guess there are a few things that could be better… but this brought a big smile to my face today ūüôā¬†¬†

don’t you just love¬†the cover? ¬†i wish that they included one of those yummy¬†looking donuts with the¬†issue.¬† don’t they look good!?¬†¬†plus, it¬†has fall decorating ideas!¬† fall!¬†¬†i love when magazines and stores start to get ready for fall.¬† it means it¬†will be here soon, and will bring sweet relief from the summer heat.


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wishing for fall

 there are only 47 days until fall, and i cannot wait!  i love everyting about it.  the smell in the air, the changing leaves, walking through leaves that are crunching underfoot, wearing sweaters and fleece, and cuddling under a blanket with a hot cup of coffee.  i wait all summer for fall, and the countdown is on!

in 54 days, my sister and i leave for boston to visit my niece.¬† today, i received a bunch of tourism brochures in the mail to peruse.¬† it’ll be a short trip, but¬†we are going to make the most of it.¬† i’ve always wanted to visit new england, so i’m really looking forward to this trip. ¬†plus, it’ll be fall!¬† what could be better than that!?¬† new england in the fall…it just sounds so perfect. ūüôā

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my new obsession

i don’t know what has come over me.¬† i am now obsessed with fabric!¬† i cannot get enough of the stuff.¬† seriously, there should be¬†‘aa’ like¬†meetings¬†for people with fabric addictions.¬†¬†¬† i discovered on my cousin erin’s blog, the fabulous quilts she makes.¬† i fell in love!¬† i was really¬†hankering for one.¬† badly!¬† i finally decided to¬†try to make one¬†myself.¬† i could sew, so why not!?¬†my first quilt was a christmas quilt that i think turned out pretty well for my first try.¬† i don’t understand the whole binding thing, so i handed it off to my mom for that part.¬† i should add that i started this quilt last november, and didn’t finish until well into january.¬† well, the best laid plans i guess.¬† its all ready for¬†next christmas!

this is the finished top piece.¬† i seriously would have been proud of myself with finishing this much, so i am super duper happy with a quilt that is completely done!¬† woo hoo!!!!¬† i did it!¬† there’s no stopping me now.¬† soon after i finished this one, i decided to make my awesome twin nieces birthday quilts.¬† their birthday is in march.¬† the beginning of march.¬† was i insane!?¬† it took me 3 months to make one quilt.¬† what made me think i could make 2 quilts before their birthday!?¬† who knows!¬†

the finished products.¬† done!¬† …one month late!¬† i ended up giving the twins their¬†presents on easter instead of their birthday, but i think they were happy with them.¬† i even whipped up a couple matching pillows the night before because i am such¬†a glutton for punishment. ūüôā

i am in the process of making a quilt with¬†moda’s authentic fabric.¬† i am so psyched about this one.¬† i love this fabric, and cannot wait to be able to cuddle under my new quilt.¬† can i say how much i love precut fabric.¬† these fabric jelly and dessert rolls¬†will save me hours of cutting.¬† love, love, love them!!!¬† wish me luck!

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where to begin….

i don’t know where to begin, but this is where it all started for us. my frank and i.¬† we met in january 1995 in o’hare airport while waiting for the same flight to cancun mexico. ¬†i knew immediately that we would get along. ¬†even before we spoke.¬† on the night we met, we went out to dinner with the group of people we were with.¬† when we were walking to the restaurant, i saw him unwrap a piece of candy and then throw the wrapper on the ground.¬† i was annoyed to say the least.¬† i do not like a litterbug.¬† i said “hey, pick that up and pick up three more pieces of litter while you’re at it”. and he did! ¬†shortly after that, we came upon these guys playing the xylophone and they invited us to join in.¬† i loved how fun-loving he was. playing the xylophone with some girl who just scolded him for littering. i just love him!

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