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long time no see

i have been so uninspired lately to write about anything.  i thought i would try anyway. 

i finally went to boston, and it was amazing!  i loved, loved, loved that town!  loved the state!  i loved the history, the people the beauty of it all.  i will definately return, but will bring frank next time.  this is my first glimpse of the city.  i loved seeing the old buildings with the new.  🙂 

i started a new project today, but i cannot say who it is for.  but i will say it is a Christmas present for two awesome people.  here is a little glimpse.  the smaller blocks will be the same size as the bigger blocks.  i can’t wait to get it all pieced together.  i need to make twenty four blocks all together.  i have most of the fabric cut out, its now a matter of figuring out how i want it all layed out.  i hit a wall by the time i finished these, but i’m hoping to get three or four blocks done each night.  we’ll see.  what is it that they say about the best laid plans?

it is pretty late, and i should probably get to bed, but frank is out of town and i cannot stand to be home alone overnight.  i am putting off going to bed until i cannot keep my eyes open anymore.  that should be soon, and hopefully i’ll sleep through the night.  i’m praying frank gets home soon.  i miss him like crazy 😦


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