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finally finished…something!

well, so much for the two quilts i had planned.  i never started on one, and the other was set aside to start this one.  my father-in-law had a heart attack last month, so i decided to make a quilt for him to cuddle up and recover with.  he lives all the way in florida, so this will be like a long distance get well hug. 😉  

i’m pretty excited about how fast i finished it.  i finished the top one weekend, the back the next, and the quilting and binding was finished after work and part of today.  i am quite pleased to have been able to finally do the binding all by myself.  i usually hand that off to mom, but i found a great tutorial online and it finally made sense to me.  i never quite understood the old blind stitch.  (although, i have to admit that my blind stitch has pretty good vision…oh well!)

initial quilti put his initial on the back…i think i actually like the back better than the front.  we sent the quilt to him this afternoon…i hope he likes it!


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