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finally finished…something!

well, so much for the two quilts i had planned.  i never started on one, and the other was set aside to start this one.  my father-in-law had a heart attack last month, so i decided to make a quilt for him to cuddle up and recover with.  he lives all the way in florida, so this will be like a long distance get well hug. 😉  

i’m pretty excited about how fast i finished it.  i finished the top one weekend, the back the next, and the quilting and binding was finished after work and part of today.  i am quite pleased to have been able to finally do the binding all by myself.  i usually hand that off to mom, but i found a great tutorial online and it finally made sense to me.  i never quite understood the old blind stitch.  (although, i have to admit that my blind stitch has pretty good vision…oh well!)

initial quilti put his initial on the back…i think i actually like the back better than the front.  we sent the quilt to him this afternoon…i hope he likes it!


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where to begin….

i don’t know where to begin, but this is where it all started for us. my frank and i.  we met in january 1995 in o’hare airport while waiting for the same flight to cancun mexico.  i knew immediately that we would get along.  even before we spoke.  on the night we met, we went out to dinner with the group of people we were with.  when we were walking to the restaurant, i saw him unwrap a piece of candy and then throw the wrapper on the ground.  i was annoyed to say the least.  i do not like a litterbug.  i said “hey, pick that up and pick up three more pieces of litter while you’re at it”. and he did!  shortly after that, we came upon these guys playing the xylophone and they invited us to join in.  i loved how fun-loving he was. playing the xylophone with some girl who just scolded him for littering. i just love him!

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